Who are we?

Ever wonder who made your favorite mod or answered your questions in #support? This page tells you a little bit about some of the major Beat Saber Modding Community contributors. The community wouldn't exist without the blood, sweat, and tears of these amazing volunteers.

Some people could go under multiple sections, so I tried to sort this page the best I could. If you'd like anything about your section changed, feel free to contact me - williums


Making sure our games look nothing like the original, one mod at a time.


In-game downloads, unofficial multiplayer, and the original despacito custom menu music plugin.
Roles: Modder
Contributions: BeatSaver Downloader, Unoffical Multiplayer, Custom Menu Music (original)


Somone say text customization mods?
Roles: Modder
Contributions: HitScoreVisualizer, CustomMenuText, CustomFailText
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Has large feet, maybe??
Roles: Modder
Contributions: Full Combo Display, Immersive Mode, StreamInfo
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Roles: Modder
Contributions: Enhanced Twitch Chat, Hidden Blocks, CustomUI Library, Shit Map Detector, Note Miss Effect Remover, SyncSaber, Debris Remover, fixing other plugins
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How many statistics could we fit into a counters mod?
Contributions: CountersPlus, Camera Shake on Miss, wiki modding tutorials
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Roles: Modder
Contributions: BSPIA


You don't realize how much you appreciate SongBrowser until it's gone
Roles: Modder
Contributions: SongBrowser


Resident Kirby and mod modder. Not only does he make mods, he helps you with them in #support too.
Roles: Modder, Support
Contributions: Progress Counter PBT Edition, Custom Colors User Friendly Edition, Intro Skip, Gameplay Modifiers Plus
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Creator of the fancy HTTPStatus stream tools
Roles: Modder
Contributions: HTTPStatus


If you've ever played darth maul mode, you have this guy to thank
Roles: Modder
Contributions: Darth Maul Plugin, Reactive Materials, Custom Key Events, Transparent Walls


Creator of the Custom Platforms plugin and pumpkin carving extrordinaire.
Roles: Modder
Contributions: CMB's Face, Custom Platforms, fixing other plugins
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TODO: LIV guy who tailors your sabers and game colors
Roles: Modder
Contributions: Saber Tailor, Custom Colors (original)


Mother of !bsr and Async Twitch
Roles: Modder
Contributions: Twitch Integration, Async Twitch Library
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The madman behind ChromaToggle and accuracy god on the leaderboards. Seriously, this man isn't right in the head.
Roles: Modder
Contributions: ChromaToggle
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Creator of BeatDrop, everyone's favorite desktop application for custom song management!
Roles: Modder
Contributions: BeatDrop
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See Also:
Staff: Ikeiwa | Reaxt | lolPants


Having problems? Ask in #support. These guys have been around to help you figure out your mod problems, big or small.

Channel Monitor Bot

The bot that holds it all together.
Created by Megalon, recreated by lolPants, and personified by Rolo!


One of the first supports and leader of the Steven fan club.
Roles: Support

𝔅𝔯3𝔲𝔨𝔢𝔯 🎀 𝔍𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔯#0001

Roles: 3D Artist, Support
Twitch | donation link cannot be posted due to german law details, PM them on discord if you'd like to contribute


You might know them for their spectacular platforms, or for more refined individuals: yeet sabers.
Roles: Support, 3D Artist


He'll teach you to fix your plugins and your terribly off-beat first map. We've all been there.
Roles: Support, Mapper


Literally no clue what he's doing when it comes to coding, at all, but he can fix ploogin.
Roles: Support
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Schrödinger's Support - whether he has the fancy colors or not, he's always around to lend a helping hand. Smash Bros fanatic.
Roles: Support
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See Also
Modders: Kyle1413
Staff: Assistant | Klouder | Megalon | williums

3D Artists

Whether you're streaming or just looking for a change of view, these guys have your back. They've spent countless hours creating sabers, platforms, and avatars to help you customize your experience to suit your needs and more.


Wrote the custom saber creation guide among other fantastic contributions.
Roles: 3D Artist



Derpy Hooves

Roles: 3D Artist


Mordred went on an absolute rampage when he first appeared, flooding the avatar and saber channels like never seen before. He's one of the reasons this role exists to begin with!
Roles: 3D Artist


In addition to models, he's also fixed the beloved Rainbow Mod whenever updates hit. Enjoy your RGB lights!
Roles: 3D Artist


They've got some impressive shaders and they're not afraid to use them.
Roles: 3D Artist

See Also
Support: Emma | [ 𝔅𝔯3𝔲𝔨𝔢𝔯 🎀 𝔍𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔯](# 𝔅𝔯3𝔲𝔨𝔢𝔯 🎀 𝔍𝔢𝔫𝔫𝔦𝔣𝔢𝔯)
Staff: Assistant | Klouder


The team that runs the show.


The original Support - Assistant took over the #support channel in the earilest days back when no one else would. The support role wouldn't exist if not for their efforts.
Roles: Staff, Support, 3D Artist
Contributions: ModSaber Admin, Multiplayer/Saber/Avatar/Platform Creation Guides, Moderation
GitHub | Donate


BeatSaver creator - he's the reason we have somewhere to get our custom songs in the first place. He shows up in once in awhile to show off BeatSaver numbers, call us nerds, and present his collection of finely aged memes.
Roles: Staff
Contributions: BeatSaver


Official BSMG PR Guy. Events like the 100k Contest wouldn't have been possible without his efforts and networking skills. Also runs BeastSaber to help you find the best curated maps.
Roles: Staff, BSMG PR
Contributions: BeastSaber, Contest Management


Everyone's favorite french furry. He kicked off modding early on with the original EditSaber and the earliest versions of the custom avatar plugin, among many others.
Roles: Staff, Modder, 3D Artist
Contributions: EditSaber, Custom Avatars, Custom Sabers, many more legacy plugins


Always a shining ray of positivity when all hell breaks loose, holding everything together when updates hit. Currently holds the title for most sent messages in the entire server.
Roles: Staff, Support, 3D Artist
Contributions: ScoreSaber Admin, Moderation
Twitch | Donate


Constantly hard at work on the next feature to keep our discord under control - whether it's server security or plugin managment. Please, tell this man to stop making things, he's out of control.
Roles: Admin, Staff, Modder
Contributions: ModSaber Creator, BSMG Stream Overlays, CMB, Moderation
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Part of the original dynamic duo along with Reaxt, he keeps a watchful eye on the server with the help of Channel Monitor Bot. He might also have the nicest voice in the whole server.
Roles: Admin, Staff, Support, Modder
Contributions: CMB, ModSaber Admin, BSMG Stream Overlays, Moderation, Wiki Management
GitHub | Donate


The first professional Beat Saber player, representing Team Gravity. Represents the pro players in staff, major contributor to the ranking system and reeeeeeeeeaally good at the game.
Roles: Staff
Contributions: ScoreSaber Admin, Moderation
Twitch | Donate


BSMG server owner and rhythm game fanatic. We wouldn't be here today without this very special boy.
Roles: Admin, Staff, Modder
Contributions: Server Owner, Custom Sabers


From eggplants to Staff, our beloved recovering shitposter now helps keep the server a clean and happy place. Often takes the Initiative to improve the community by planning events among other things.
Roles: Staff, Support
Contributions: Wiki Management, Moderation, Contest Management,
Twitch | Donate


ScoreSaber Supreme Leader and creator of the custom leaderboards/ranked system. Always trying to do way too much work with not enough rest. Also an official developer for Beat Games.
Roles: Staff, Offical Dev
Contributions: ScoreSaber


Watches over BSMG from the shadows and switfly fixes our custom songs whenever updates hit. Also responsible for the saving us from shakey cameras and gave us third person cameras.
Roles: Modder, Staff
Contributions: SongLoader, CameraPlus, Custom Avatar plugin (current version)
GitHub Donate


Each of your favorite maps is carefully crafted and tested over many hours by a talented mapper. As much as we'd love to include them here too, there are WAY too many of them. If you like someone's maps, give it a thumbs up in game, review it on BeastSaber, or tell them personally! They'll really appreciate it.

About This Wiki

This is a wiki for all things relating to modding the game Beat Saber.
It was originally created to replace the #beginners-guide and #faq channels of the Beat Saber Modding Group Discord.

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