Beginners Guide

Getting Started

How to install mods

Beat Saber was not designed with mod support, so you have to run one of the installers below to patch the game and enable mods.

It's not recommended to install mods without knowing what they do, this can lead to undesired behaviors and performance issues. Click the View Selected Mod Info button in the ModSaber Installer, or the More Info button in the Mod Manager to learn more about a mod.

The mod manager only shows mods compatible with the latest game update.
Every time the game updates, you will have to run the mod manager to get all compatible mods.
As all mods are made by volunteers, you may need to wait for your favorite mod to be fixed for the latest game update. Check the #server-announcements channel in the discord for the latest updates!

ModSaber Installer

The new recommended mod installer! Both are similar in function, but this one offers richer debugging capabilities if things go wrong.

Beat Saber Mod Manager

If you'd rather use the original mod manager:

Mods are installed into the folder Plugins within your Beat Saber install directory.
Can't find where Beat Saber is installed? See install folder.

How to get more songs

The Mod Manager includes the Song Loader Plugin, which enables you to load more songs into the game, but only includes one test song.

Ingame Downloader

The installers include the BeatSaver Downloader Plugin, which allows you to download beatmaps in-game using the MORE SONGS menu button on the main menu screen. This pulls maps directly from

Beat Saver

Beat Saver is the central repository that holds nearly all custom songs/maps for Beat Saber.
You can manually place the zip files downloaded from Beat Saver into the CustomSongs folder in your Beat Saber directory, use the In-Game Downloader Plugin, or use the OneClick Install button if you're using the ModSaber Installer.

There are a couple more resources to help you find songs over in the FAQ

How to uninstall mods

Currently the only way to uninstall a mod is to remove the dll from the Plugins folder.

Steam \steamapps\common\Beat Saber\Plugins
Oculus \hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber\Plugins

Where to go from here

Have questions?

Visit the FAQ or drop by the #support tab in the discord!