<!-- TITLE: Beginners Guide --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Getting Started --> # How to install mods Beat Saber was not designed with mod support, so you have to run one of the installers below to patch the game and enable mods. > It's not recommended to install mods without knowing what they do, this can lead to undesired behaviors and performance issues. Click the `View Selected Mod Info` button in the ModSaber Installer, or the `More Info` button in the Mod Manager to learn more about a mod. {.is-danger} > The mod manager only shows mods compatible with the latest game update. > Every time the game updates, you will have to run the mod manager to get all compatible mods. > As all mods are made by volunteers, you may need to wait for your favorite mod to be fixed for the latest game update. Check the #server-announcements channel in the discord for the latest updates! {.is-warning} ## ModSaber Installer The new **recommended** mod installer! Both are similar in function, but this one offers richer debugging capabilities if things go wrong. * Navigate to https://github.com/lolPants/modsaber-installer/releases * Download `modsaber-installer-setup-{version}.exe` and install it * Run it! Select what mods you want to install from the list! ## Beat Saber Mod Manager If you'd rather use the original mod manager: * Navigate to https://github.com/Umbranoxio/BeatSaberModInstaller/releases * Download `BeatSaberModManager.exe` * Run it! Select what mods you want to install from the list! Mods are installed into the folder `Plugins` within your Beat Saber install directory. Can't find where Beat Saber is installed? See [install folder.](faq/install-folder) # How to get more songs The Mod Manager includes the `Song Loader Plugin`, which enables you to load more songs into the game, but only includes one test song. ## Ingame Downloader The installers include the `BeatSaver Downloader` Plugin, which allows you to download beatmaps in-game using the `MORE SONGS` menu button on the main menu screen. This pulls maps directly from www.beatsaver.com ## Beat Saver [Beat Saver](https://www.beatsaver.com) is the central repository that holds nearly all custom songs/maps for Beat Saber. You can manually place the zip files downloaded from Beat Saver into the `CustomSongs` folder in your Beat Saber directory, use the In-Game Downloader Plugin, or use the OneClick Install button if you're using the [ModSaber Installer](https://www.modsaber.org/). There are a couple more resources to help you find songs over in the [FAQ](faq#more-songs) # How to uninstall mods **Currently the only way to uninstall a mod is to remove the dll from the `Plugins` folder.** | | | | --- | --- | | Steam | `\steamapps\common\Beat Saber\Plugins` | | Oculus | `\hyperbolic-magnetism-beat-saber\Plugins` | # Where to go from here * [Grips and tricks](grips-and-tricks) * [Making beatmaps](mapping) * [Custom sabers](models/custom-sabers) * [Custom avatars](models/custom-avatars) * [Custom platforms](models/custom-platforms) * [Setup multiplayer](https://bs.assistant.moe/Multiplayer/) * [Making mods](modding) # Have questions? Visit the [FAQ](faq) or drop by the #support tab in the [discord](https://discord.gg/beatsabermods)!